History of KAFPA

In Short
The Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Parent Association (KAFPA) of Santa Clara County provides resources and advocates for the needs of kinship, adoptive and foster families in Santa Clara County.

Our Mission
Working together to provide resources and advocate for the needs of Foster & Adoptive Families in Santa Clara County.

Our Background
As the largest foster, kinship, and adoptive parent association, we provide youth programming and family programming, serving over 300 foster, kinship, and adoptive parents and about 1600 foster, kinship, and adoptive and biological children . We also coordinate educational training opportunities on parenting and CRP and first Aid. In addition, we conduct policy advocacy on individual foster parent level, as a family or wherever needed through collective community engagement. Most services take place at our resource center and at our clothing closet storage area. Some do take place in other sites considering that we produce about 20 events throughout the year. We accomplish many partnerships to ensure we provide the best of services to this very significant and essential community in Santa Clara County






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