Know Your Audience

When it Comes to Grabbing an Audience's Attention, We Know What it Takes.

Starting our web design business in San Jose, we have a good idea of the type of clientele that businesses will encounter. Fast paced, know what they want, get the info quickly and then make a decision to buy or leave. Websites need to have a very clear picture without getting lost in the message. A picture says a thousand words. We choose imagery that focus's on the message so it makes it much easier to give the decision without going into to much detail. This is what the San Jose client will want when it comes to getting the message from your website.

ER Productions is a web design firm in San Jose that specializes in building innovative web design, web optimization (SEO/SEM) and print design. Since the start of our business in 2001, ER Productions has taken great pride in helping out small to large based companies in San Jose.

There are tons of business owners who are unaware of what it takes to get new customers in their door. Some know, but are unwilling or unable to to pay thousands of dollars to make their business grow. ER Productions understands this and is willing to work for you at a low cost. PLUS... we can setup a payment plan specifically designed to help those on a limited budget.