Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

ER Productions does it differently than any other company in San Jose!


Do you know what you are you looking at when viewing a Google Browser?

When you look at a Google browser after searching for something, you will see three different categories.

These are paid advertising. Businesses pay SEM companies to setup campaigns. When someone clicks on these links, the SEM company pays Google for every click made. I do something much different and I will explain in a moment.

These are local listings and are based off your Google Local account that is linked with your Google+ account. There are companies that are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) businesses that will usually set these up in a way to help with search results.

These are what you call organic listings. The ranking of the listing is based on many scenarios. How old your domain is, how many visitors your website gets compared to your competitors, forward and back links and many other items. Again, SEO companies are the type of business that exist to help with your organic ranking.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the cheapest, easiest to track and  the most effective form of online marketing or marketing. PERIOD!


What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is usually offered by large companies. SEM companies will use an online marketing campaign to promote your buisness via the internet in the form of PAID advertising. They will usually want to put you on a 6 month contract. Also, they will often tell you that based on the industry you are in, the amount of keywords you want to use and the area you are marketing too will determine the amount of money your campaign will cost.

What other SEM companies do is say they can set up a Google AdWords campaign ranging from $500 to $2000 and sometimes more based on the industry you are in. What they are not telling you is they might not use all the money that is associated on your campaign. In fact, they are banking on the fact that you don't use it all so THEY CAN GET PAID.


What Makes Us TRULY Different?

What if I told you that there are no contracts? What if I said you make your own budget? And the big time shocker... You don't pay until you get clicks to your website. No upfront cash... PERIOD.

What ER Productions does is much different than its competition. We ask you how much can you afford a month for your campaign. You might say, "$300 is all I can afford". We say, "Sounds great! Let's get you started."

We would work with you to set up YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN DIRECTLY WITH GOOGLE. We would sit down and work out your campaign on your Google account and then call Google together, making sure to get their advice on anything we might want to change. This way, if you only end up using $150 of your campaign dollars, then you are not throwing free money to a Search Engine Marketing company.

Every month I would manage your account. Making sure to optimize your campaign. The idea is to use the campaign dollars so you get the optimum results based on the budget provided. I would call Google every month. Google and I would work together on building new "Ads" to focus on the most popular keywords associated with your business. Also, I would send you a report at the end of every month so you can see how the campaign is coming along. All we ask is $100 a month to manage the campaign for you and we don't even bill you till two weeks into the program. So if it doesn't work for you, then you can cancel before you get charged anything.

To learn more about our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Program, give us a call at 408.568.8889 or send an email to